TecSOS Device


Vodafone has ring fenced 40,000 consecutive numbers for TecSOS in the UK. These numbers have been split into a range for each police force and are ready for integration into the force’s ICCS system. Having consecutive numbers significantly simplifies this process.

A number of forces are integrating the whole range of TecSOS numbers for the UK into their system. If there is an activation in their area, they will be alerted it is a TecSOS call, even if the victim is from another force. By using the number range they can identify the victim’s force to quickly and easily obtain the victims details and circumstances.

Individual technologies vary from force to force but integration is simply:

  • Enabling ICCS to recognise a TecSOS number and alert the call taker
  • Enable the ICCS to interrogate an internal database to enable the call taker to access the victims details
  • A sign off system is required to ensure no device is issued until the victims details are aligned to the phone number and updated in the relevant database

  • Finally a system to track devices in and out, activations, lost or damaged devices etc. to enable:

  • Appropriate action where necessary
  • Ability to report results so we can monitor on-going success of the programme and react to any issues


Requirements vary from force to force but all officers responsible for training and issuing devices must attend a day's formal training and pass a certified exam before the project can go live.
Formal sign off from the chief constable is required to acknowledge this prior to go live.

Briefing documents have been prepared for those officers affected (call handlers, responders, IT) and others with line management responsibilities to promote awareness of TecSOS within the force.

Briefings can also be provided by Thames Valley Partnership.

Super User Package

Staff turnover can seriously weaken the pool of knowledge in any team. To enable each force to maintain a good level of TecSOS expertise, Thames Valley Partnership has developed an accredited 'Super User Package'.

The ‘Super User Package’ was designed by Thames Valley Partnership as a ‘train the trainer’ curriculum which equips individuals within a force with the expertise to train new starters on TecSOS.

This enables each force to provide in house on-going training to a timetable that suits them at no further cost.

Back Office Support

Vodafone UK provides extensive back office support, utilising its extensive experience of providing communications products for the emergency services to provide the secure environment demanded for such a programme.

Phone Numbers

Vodafone UK does not hold any victims details in any of its systems. The TecSOS numbers have no identifying features other than a system prompt ensuring changes can only be made at the request of a password holder (one of three, named, senior individuals).

The number ranges are held separately in secure systems and are only made available to two specific teams - the TecSOS support team and the Statutory Disclosures Team. The Statutory Disclosures Team works in a secure area and is responsible for liaising with the emergency services in the event of requirement to trace information related to a mobile on the Vodafone network

The TecSOS support team provides:

  • Liaison with police SPOCs in the event of lost, stolen devices to arrange for the CLI to be locked
  • Investigation into faults or faulty devices
  • A smooth running fulfilment process


A Vodafone certified supplier is responsible for fulfilment -

  • Device procurement
  • Device testing
  • Application load
  • Device and application testing prior to shipment
Every device is certified working at point of shipment.

All devices are recorded and tracked by both Vodafone UK and the fulfilment partner to the point of issue. For victims security, tracking stops once the devices are delivered to a police force


Vodafone UK provides technical resource to enable continuous improvement and the ability to take advantage of technical advances. However this will always be within the parameters of meeting the victims' and police needs. The technology will never detract from the single function of the device.