Police Comments

Comment from former ACPO lead on domestic abuse Chief Constable Carmel Napier:

Domestic abuse, stalking and harassment and honour based violence can ruin lives and in some cases can sadly lead to homicide. As a Police service we are always looking at ways to help minimise the risk to potential victims be they technological developments or new techniques.

The TecSOS system has been used in Gwent as part of a range of tools and measures to help keep people safe since 2011. The system has helped us provide enhanced safety planning and provision to identified high risk victims. The system also provides additional safety outside of the home.

The use of the system so far has been very positive with officers complimentary of the simplicity and effectiveness of the system. More importantly we’ve had feedback from victims and potential victims telling us that the system is an extra piece of reassurance for them.


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Top line police reports from activation incidents across the UK

The TecSOS handset provides an enhanced level of confidence, protection and reassurance for victims of domestic abuse. The device is activated which initiates a 999 call.


User feedback

Feedback and appraisals from TecSOS users across the UK.