What is TecSOS?

TecSOS is a unique mobile solution that provides immediate connection to the Police at the touch of a button 24/7.

The TecSOS handset provides an enhanced level of confidence, protection and reassurance for individuals who are victims of domestic abuse. The victim activates the device which initiates a 999 call.

Who delivers TecSOS?

The Vodafone Group Foundation provides a grant to the Thames Valley Partnership to provide project management services. The Partnership is a charity experienced in working alongside the police, helping the victims of crime. Thames Valley Partnership provides the project management team who support the integration of TecSOS into UK police forces. As well as being accredited trainers, the team collectively has over 120 years of policing experience which ensures mitigation of risk throughout the process.

How TecSOS was defined

Extensive research was undertaken by Thames Valley Partnership with the police and victims of domestic abuse. The aim was to build a holistic model for TecSOS that met the needs of victims and the police. This was achieved by embedding TecSOS in existing processes - supporting the end to end care of the victims. 

Governance - The TecSOS Steering Group

The TecSOS Steering Group was set up to faciliate the smooth roll out of TecSOS across UK police forces, ensuring that the needs of all stakeholders are met throughout the process. The Steering Group meet on a quarterly basis. 


TecSOS was originally developed by the Vodafone Spain Foundation in conjunction with the Spanish Red Cross. Following the outstanding success of TecSOS in Spain, in 2010 the service was brought to the UK by the Vodafone Group Foundation. After a successful pilot, the first UK Police Force, Thames Valley, went live in early 2011.

Benefits for Police

Increased cost saving (recyclable equipment)
No hidden cost beyond monthly fee
Help in preventing tragedy
Extensive backoffice support
Gained resource efficiencies - greater number of vulnerable individuals can be supported
Comprehensive training and integration support
Minimal effort to integrate TecSOS
Increased victim support - ability to offer better protection, faster response
When outside victim's local force area, other participating forces can identify caller as a TecSOS user.

Benefits for users
Greater control over their lives
Greater peace of mind when travelling outside of the home
Increased freedom
Increased confidence
Greater control over their lives